The life and contributions of john sutter

With his sole source of income gone, Marshall lost his land. At first, interest was mild, but within two weeks, masses of people began to overrun the landscape. Oddly enough, the first gold sent from California to the U. It also had workshops and stores that produced all goods necessary for the New Helvetia settlement.

Fleeing from bankruptcy and financial failures and leaving his wife and children in Switzerland, he reached California in and persuaded the Mexican governor to grant him lands on the Sacramento River. Inhe joined John C. Neither old nor young was spared by the enemy, and often the Sacramento River was colored red by the blood of the innocent Indians, for these villages usually were situated at the banks of the rivers.

In April ofhe joined a trapping party on their way to the Pacific Coast. He soon led his workers in setting up camp. He immediately advised Sutter, who swore all his employees to secrecy. In the process of building a water-powered sawmilla carpenter named James W.

Sutter interested them in his project to establish a mercantile base in the Sacramento valley.

Although most Californians who heard of the strike doubted its significance, by May word had reached San Francisco when a Mormon merchant, Sam Brannan, waved a quinine bottle filled with glittering dust at San Franciscans.

This could only be done at night, so as not to endanger the lives of the men working on the mill during the day.

A blacksmith shop and carpenter shop furnished tools.

John Sutter

Retrieved October 19, Here, with the help of laborers he had brought with him from Hawaii, he built Sutter's Fort, a massive adobe structure with walls eighteen feet high and three feet thick. Captain Sutter was very unhappy about this as he had wanted the local city center to be at Sutterville.

Together with 35 other immigrants from Germanyhe went from St. The younger Sutter, who had come from Switzerland and joined his father in Septembersaw the commercial possibilities of the land and promptly started plans for building a new town he named Sacramentoafter the Sacramento River.

Marshall convinced Sutter that a partnership in a sawmill in the Sierra Nevada foothills would be a profitable venture, and he set out to find a suitable location.

Large crowds of people overran the land and destroyed nearly everything Sutter had worked for. It also had workshops and stores that produced all goods necessary for the New Helvetia settlement.

Gold discovery[ edit ] The spot where Marshall first discovered the gold that started the California Gold Rush. But within a few months, word had reached San Francisco and the gold rush was on.

John Sutter

The next year,brought a whole new crop of fortune seekers who had never heard of Sutter and were solely absorbed with personal greed.

For more than fifteen years, Sutter petitioned Congress for restitution but little was done. Sutter died the following January. When he finally arrived in California inSutter met first with the provincial governor in Monterey and secured permission to establish a settlement east of San Francisco then called Yerba Buena along the Sacramento Riverin an area then occupied only by Indians.

Jerry Brownelected to a third term inhas a Welsh corgi named Sutter Brownaffectionately referred to as the First Dog of California. Sutter then decided to try to obtain reimbursement from Congress for his help in colonizing the State of California; his aid to emigrants; and his losses from having his Sobrante Land Grant declared invalid by the courts.

For whatever reasons, he began to claim supernatural, mystical powers that allegedly allowed him to locate the richest gold deposits. With other tribes the field was taken against the hostile Indian.

The Fort was not only a trading post but also occupied one of the most strategic locations in Northern California. Fairing well there, he improved his economic prospects, purchasing a ranch, and began to raise cattle.the john muir exhibit - life and contributions The Life and Contributions of John Muir This section features articles, essays, chronologies, books, an atlas, and other resources written by others about John.

John Augustus Sutter () At one time the absolute ruler of what amounted to a private kingdom along the Sacramento River, John Sutter saw his immense wealth and power overrun in the world.

James W. Marshall

An early and somewhat derogatory biography is Thomas J. Schoonover, The Life and Times of Gen. John A. Sutter (), while Julian Dana, Sutter of California (), is eulogistic. A balanced treatment is Richard Dillon, Fool's Gold: The Decline and Fall of Captain John Sutter of California ().

Sutter spent much of his early life in Switzerland; he was a Swiss citizen and served in the Swiss army. Fleeing from bankruptcy and financial failures and leaving his wife and children in Switzerland, he reached California in and persuaded the Mexican governor to. John Augustus Sutter was another extremely famous person from the period of the California Gold Rush.

Sutter was, after all, the owner of the mill at which gold was first discovered. John Sutter was born on February 15, in Kandern, Baden. Shortly after the acquisition of California from Mexico a man by the name of John Sutter arrived in East San Francisco Bay in Born in Germany he had to .

The life and contributions of john sutter
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