Promoting national integration essay

India is counted as the country having second largest population all over the world, where more than one thousand six hundred fifty-two languages are spoken and people from all major religions of the world are living here together. It never means kind of oneness should be here because of racial and cultural similarity, it means that oneness instead of great differences here.

Additional assistance at the rate of Rs. Indian society is multi-ethnic, multi-social, multi-cultural, multi- regional, multi-religious, and multi-linguistic. Mutual understanding of and respect for the culture, traditions and ways of life of different sections of the nation.

They can make or destroy a nation. In spite of all differences we should co-exist here with each other peacefully without any political or social conflicts.

Essay on National Integration for Students

National Integration Essay 5 words India is a land where contrast people with their unique culture and diverse facets of lifestyle are living. Recognizing the existence of a wide range of groups, inter-group relations should be promoted in India.

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Essay on National Integration for Students

All the social issues arising here is because of the lack of national integration. Indians, whatever type of dress they wear, are one in observing creation customs and traditions.

So youths should rise, awake and never sleep before achieve. Emotional integration with the development of a strong brotherhood among the people, discourage the growth of separatism, regionalism or secessionism.

Each community should help each other and share the celebration of religious festivals.

Steps to Promote National Integration in India

Making social and national service an integral part of education at all stages; 3. For centuries Indians have respected all religions and secularism is in their blood. Without undermining the emotional touch associated with our regional languages.

We need to understand the real meaning of the unity in diversity in India. Compare and contrast essay videos for cats Compare and contrast essay videos for cats nathan jurgensen essays dissertation revision help essay schreiben aufbau deutsch drahthaar save electricity essay in marathi.

In the Indian Union the states have been organized on the linguistic basis. Assistance is sanctioned for 12 months at a time coinciding with the academic session of the child and is renewed on year-to-year basis. If every rational old — blood will awake young blood then it is the possibility of the integration of India.

Regional economic disparity can be balanced through more inflow of financial help to the under developed states to be at par with the developed ones so that inter-state ill-feeling and animosity can be buried.

The quantum of quarrel is increasing day by day. Today, Indian — youths have mislead with television or cable system. They never think that the development of our country is possible only with growth and development of individual and single identity of everyone.

Every year, we celebrate youth day. Let all Indians, in whichever part of the country they live must put united and collective efforts strengthening the hands of the Government to overtake all impediments affecting National integration and to pursue willingly all strategies which help promoting National Integration.

Yet there are some inherent factors which have kept India united all these centuries.Young and National Integration in India. Social awareness. The younger generation is the foundation of any country.

The way a building cannot stand without a strong foundation or base, so no country can live or progress without qualified, skilled and dedicated youth. National Integration Essay 6 ( words) India is a country of diversity in people’s races, religions, languages, castes, etc however unity is also seen here many times under the influence of common territory, history and continuous fight for the freedom from British rule.

The NFCH undertakes and assists state governments, local administration, non-governmental organizations, universities, colleges and schools, social activists, scholars, researchers and students in undertaking activities and programmes aimed at promoting harmony at local, state and national levels.

Promoting national unity in Malaysian public schools Essay. B. Pages Words This is just a sample. We will write a custom essay sample on Promoting national unity in Malaysian public schools specifically for you for () suggested, the past assumption that the main method for national integration is the educational policy has.

The Role of Youth in National Integration Youths are the back –bone of a nation. They can make or destroy a nation. Nation –integration is a concept of national – utility. Integration or unity means co-ordination in any organization.

Society has three parts. They are worked jointly with each and other. Role Of Youth In Promoting National Integration. National Integration: A myth or reality The integrity of any nation invariably depends on the integrity of its all, it is the individuals who constitute society or a nation.

Society or nation minus individuals is nothing. The individual is a reality; whereas the society is a myth.

Promoting national integration essay
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