Immortal technique is a great rapper

How was the role of being the subject of one? I would consider that a great honor. So first rule is to think of it as a movie and always change the camera angles. I am confident in my ability to argue and debate my ideas and the subject matter of my music.

Immortal Technique Is a Great Rapper

He created a writing grant program for high school students as well. His aggressive style gained him instant notoriety as a battle rapper, and his first album was a word-of-mouth sensation.

The 3 Timeless Principles of Describing Something in a Rap Song

As a politically minded person, do you watch a lot of documentaries? Great fit with the melody as well. Parole is quite possibly the greatest Technique song ever!

Even when he was with the Hot Boyz, he was the lone star holding that group up, then he went solo and took over the rap industry. His made a lot of great songs, but this is his best, better than Dance With The Devil.

His record label Strange Music is a perfect self description. If tracks like this were number 1 in charts, we would be living in a very different Immortal technique is a great rapper world.

Not his best, but definitely in the top ten! The tape contains the protests surrounding the convention in the form of a documentary. He came up on gangsta rap and he is one of the best freestyle rappers on the west coast!

He has a flow of his own, with lyrics that are second-to-none using metaphors and similes. How can you beat him! I did my first major tour opening up for him a long time ago, and we wanted to recreate that crazy energy which I think we did. So my final conclusion will be that this is his best song, because it is a real rap.

On September 11,a "snippet" of the song was released on YouTube. Hay this one is dopest 26 Black Vikings Best of the best song 27 Open Your Eyes The greatest immortal technique songs, he raps about global issues like, racism, politics and war!

I have always written short stories, essays and pieces of a novel here and there. Combines thug life with dark and twisted emotions with sadness. I was involved in every aspect of that movie so I saw a lot of things that were happening from behind the scenes as opposed to just being the subject of a documentary.

However, when confronting people who bring him to task about his involvement with the black community and the issues of Urban America, he always has his little proxies come out and personally attack people.

I would put it at 2 25 No Mercy Immortal Technique did amazing on this track and also did good in the whole album. I have often thought about that, finishing my education. The song expresses the inequalities of the Third World and revolutionary events throughout history against tyranny and oppression.

Canibus — Probably one of the sickest lyricists out there and his freestyling ability is off the chart. The US supported puppet democracy and Guerilla factions were locked in a bitter struggle which ended like most do in Latin America, with the military and economic aid of the State Dept.

In Novemberhe was listed by The Source in its " Unsigned Hype " column, highlighting artists that are not signed to a record label. The late, great rapper takes his distinct flow from his songs and he does the same with freestyling. Growing up on the streets of New York, the young man became enamored with Hip Hop culture, writing graffiti and starting to rhyme at an early age.

When describing, you have to have a vast imagination, being able to picture the whole place in your head. I chose You never know as I first heard it in an unofficial video on YouTube which made the song come to life.

It deserves to be in the top 5, 9 is just too low for this masterpiece! After the release of 's The 3rd World, the Harlem-based MC born Felipe Coronel took the proceeds from it and traveled to occupied Afghanistan to help Omeid International fund and build an orphanage.

Do you use any other methods? Immortal Technique was unwilling o compromise and sell out and has remained an Independent artist without corporate sponsorship.

With the acoustic just makes it better! I don't expect they'll let me live much longer after that.On a recent episode of the “WTF With Marc Maron” podcast, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda revealed that his high school bully was the rapper Immortal Technique.

“He was our school bully. Aug 15,  · Though I enjoy Immortal Tech.'s music, there seems to be a dichotomy as to who listens to him. He's one of those rappers that you absolutely love.

Apr 11,  · Best Answer: Tech is so underrated. Immortal Technique speaks the truth about this country, he talks about the f***** up aspects of life, religion, & just Status: Resolved. Immortal Technique is the only rapper in history to have a "Hip Hop Quotable" while being unsigned.

He released his second album Revolutionary Vol. 2 in InViper Records and, inBabygrande Records re-released Immortal Technique's debut, Revolutionary Vol.

Top 10 Best Freestyle Rappers

1, to make it available to a wider Harlem, New York, U.S. Immortal Technique is the only rapper in history to have a "Hip Hop Quotable" while being unsigned. He released his second album Revolutionary Vol. 2 in InViper Records and, inBabygrande Records re-released Immortal Technique's debut, Revolutionary Vol.

1, to make it available to a wider audience. A personal favourite is “Dance with the Devil” by Immortal uses a looped sample from Henry Mancini’s “Love Story” which features the iconic minor 6th interval (another personal favourite).

But, just from hearing it, I’m pretty sure it has been tranposed from the original key.

Immortal technique is a great rapper
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